19 Year-Old Mixes Photos and Paints into Narratives

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19 year-old  Aliza Razell creates beautiful narratives in her photographs by combining self-portraits with her monochromatic paints to create amazing, creative images. That doesn’t have the full story behind it but all the pictures create different moods. Her beautiful pictures are thoughtfully planned,  so that the paint and the picture can perfectly blend together into meaningful art.

Razell takes dull background pictures so that her monochromatic colorful paints stand out and makes an attractive piece of art. Her images are part of an ongoing series, Anesidora, which is inspired by the Pandora’s Jar. 


  1. ive always loved art, it intrigues me. specially this type of art, its truly amazing the complexity of colors how they are combined with the body. its crazy what imagination can do, how powerful it can be. this is truly beauty, specially the wings on the girl.

  2. Me too! I love taking photos. I want to be a photographer 🙂 I always take pictures when my family goes on vacation. My mom makes me be the photographer! We should talk about art, and photos and such.

  3. yes i love all kinds of art. i am a photographer and i also sketch portraits, u should find a little time in your life for art again, it will refresh you from your daily schedule.

  4. WOW, these are very beautiful pictures she did, i love art! i use to paint with oil paint. i did it twice and made to paintings for my parents, I love to draw a lot, I use to draw all the time, but with having a child it’s harder to get art back into my life.

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