Bon Chon Chicken

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Bon Chon Chicken to-go
Bon Chon Chicken to-go (Photo credit: Jalapeño)

There are not many Bon Chon restaurants in Virginia.

Luckily, there is one in Centreville.

Bon Chon is fantastic. It is sort of pricey but by far worth it. I usually get the spicy wings, which they are famous for, Seasoned fries, or the Ramen. All of them are amazing.

Your taste buds are going to explode. I believe that Bon Chon is addicting. Eat it enough times and you will never want to stop ordering.

The restaurant itself is beautiful. It has an upbeat environment, is very colorful, and has good vibes.

It is a Chinese style of restaurant. Although I haven’t gotten everything on the menu, believe me I am trying. The only thing in my way is cash. If you want something new for dinner that is very filling. Try Bon Chon, I promise your family won’t regret it.



  1. It is a great place to eat. I had been there couple time. I love the food in there, but every time I had to wait more that 30 minutes after I ordered. If you like to go there, you better call to order first. therefore, you don’t have to wait. also, BonChon is Korean restaurant.

  2. Bonchon Chicken is the testiest food i have ever tried. they invested the money in the perfect restaurant.

  3. I love their fried chicken too. Actually, Bonchon Chicken is from South Korean and it is a Korean word meaning “My Hometown”. Plus, there are many Bonchon Chicken restaurant in Virginia. I have been to the Bonchon Chicken in Fairfax,Annandale,Centreville,and Arlington. I think the Bonchon Chicken in Fairfax is the best. In addition, there is a Bonchon locates in Woodbridge too.

  4. about the wings i think your right.. i saw someone eating wings from that restaurant on my class and they couldn’t recist the burn and spicyness of the wing. it was funny when they ask for water. they only took one bite out of it.

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