Government: “How They Need To Learn To Save Money”

what the Government thinks we have..
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Everyone has issues with saving money. Even the government they think they have all the money in the world when they don’t and they keep spending money like they have it. Our Government is in debt, so bad and they keep digging a bigger hole of money they spend. We the people some of us have issues too saving their money. We all need to learn to save money and not just spend it on things we don’t have to have, but things we need. Obama was in Africa for a while and spent $7 billion to access to electric power. When we need help here in Virginia. He’s helping everyone else except where he lives.  


  1. you’re right. They shouldn’t be spending more money that don’t have, they should come up with more ways to save or at least learn from the Canada their Economy is better ours.

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