Growth Mindset in El Salvador

Selling bread on the streets helps Esperanza to make money for education in El Salvador
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The day starts at 3:30 AM  for Esperanza Carolina Jimenez. She left school at the age of 15 years old because her parents did not have the resources to send her to school. So she have to work with her father in agriculture activities. Also, she have to take care of her 6 brothers and help her mother with the activities of the house. Now, she takes care of herself by selling bread.

When her uncle offers Esperanza to pay her education she have to move the the capitol San Salvador. But she still working because she wants to help her parents. She starts at 8:00 AM to sale bread and they paid her $7 per day. She gives her money to her parents each day that she visit them. “I help my parents because I know the needs that they have” she comments. At 8:00 AM she starts working then she gets to school from 12:30 PM to 5:00 PM. So she is working very hard to make their parents proud of her.

Esperanza is one of the best examples for those who doesn’t appreciate what their parents are doing for them. I saw many teenagers that prefer to do drugs or others bad things instead of making proud their parents for the big sacrifice that they are doing. But they doesn’t realize that others can appreciate what they have like Esperanza. She really wants to be someone in life and help her parents and brothers.

Esperanza makes me think that when we want to achieve something it does not matter the situation if we want to do it we can make it true.

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  1. I know That in El Salvador people start to work in an early age in it very sad because some kids doesn’t have the opportunity to attend to school because the economy and they prefer to work and help their families.There are people that have the opportunity to go to school and they don’t appreciate that. They just don’t want to attend to school.

  2. In El Salvador there are many others people with same problems than Esperanza has or even worst. I admire this girl because she had to sacrifice her education to help her parents with raising of her brothers. Sometimes we don’t appreciate what our parents did and do for us. Furthermore, the opportunity of the education we have in this country is tremendous with that we have in our countries.

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