How dogs read our moods

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Did you know that dogs can tell if your happy or sad ?

Well yes they can depending on your tone in voice.  In this article I read about how scientist ran several test on humans & dogs, a part of a humans brain is similar to the same part in a dogs brain, located right behind the ear. its devoted to deciphering emotions in human and dog voices. The neural circuitry is like a voice detection device found in people’s brains. Dogs and humans have more in common then we thought.

After reading this article about how dogs and humans brains have similar parts of the brain, i think ill pay more attention to my dog to see if I can see if she reacts different to my emotions. I’ve always thought dogs new when something was wrong with a person, but then again I sit and think, “they don’t understand me, they cant speak.” Reading this informed me dogs do have a part in their brain that is similar to a part in a humans brain. depending on your tone in voice it can make that part of the brain light up, same as in the human brain. there are many jobs in this world that could use a well trained dog for certain duties like, police dogs, search n rescue dogs, bomb detector dogs, and service dogs. these well trained dogs come in handy when we need them to help us make our jobs easier. its funny we leave it up to them to do certain duties us humans cant complete like, sniffing out a bomb or drugs, or guiding a blind person around daily. Dogs can be very intelligent and very dumb at times, but overall, we do need them at some point in our life.  In fact the government often employs them for tasks that they are just simply better at. Do you have an animal that you depend upon in your life?




  1. Cats also know how you’re feeling as well. I learned that when i was pregnant as well. My ex boyfriends cat would come and sit on me and protected me by sitting on my belly where the baby was and just sat there the whole time. The cat knew, and it’s really amazing how cats and dogs can understand humans but can’t talk like humans.

  2. I noticed that too with my dog when she was still here (she passed away). I loved how my dog (Casey) knew if I was upset or not. If I was, she would come to me and sit next to and put her head on my knee or leg depending on how I was sitting. She knew I was pregnant too because she was very protective of me, and stood by me all the time, and wouldn’t really like anyone touching me. It was great having her around and I wish we did get another dog, it would be nice for my daughter and my niece to grow up with one.

  3. I think this article is awesome!! I love my dog and treat him like a little brother,he shows so much emotion in every situation and i feel like he always knows what i saying.

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