Important Details to Become a Dental Hygienist

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Dental Hygienist

*Becoming a dental hygienist requires two years of college. You would need 72 credits in order to obtain a degree.

* A dental hygienist’s job is to make sure to clean the patients teeth, and tell them proper oral hygiene habits to prevent cavities.

* Their job is also to take x-rays of patients’ teeth, and if there is any problem they must report it to the dentist.

*Over the years, this career will increase  in Virginia up to 62%. Today, many people decide to visit the dentist to make sure their teeth are in perfect condition.

*The most important point for most people is how much they will earn once they become a dental hygienist. Salary’s range  from $58,000 to 94,000 per year.

*They also have good benefits such as: paid vacations, health insurance and much more.

*If you like to meet people every time, this is the right job for.

* If you are interested in this career you can have more information exploring some websites like:

I think it will be worth it if you pick this career because you can even keep studying and become a dentist. You can work as a dental hygienist, and at the same time you can continue studying. With the earning of a dental hygienist you will be able to support your students loan and even your future family. I recommend you enrolling your self into this career, which it won’t take you more than 2 years.


  1. You don’t tell us where we can take this careear. If you said the money is the most important point, there is more jobs that you can earn much more money!!!

  2. What kinds of skills do you need for this career? I have a friend that worked as a Dentist assistant while she was studding, to becoming a dentist assistant is that always possible?

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