Lotus Flower

English: Lotus flower Polski: Kwiat lotosu (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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She’s lost in self absorbed lies and forever and always will be stuck if she keeps this love, her feet are planted on the ground as if they’ve been nailed in waiting on his every move and mistake just another lost soul I refuse to let you reduce to grim with text messages that say what was last night? Will we ever be? Just because he makes your lotus flower feel loved doesn’t mean he loves you small talk right before it happens every kiss in fire every touch is ice two things that will never mix your numb to the bullshit which makes you crave for this love, you are brave a bravebird one of a kind fly to a man that loves you like he used to but more unconditionally

A poem for Emily

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  1. Close your eyes, and open your heart
    Search what can’t be seen, but can be felt
    For some times we see only what we want to see
    And not what is there
    Follow your heart
    Because love should never cause pain, but joy
    Even lost love, still find the brightest of day
    Don’t suffer what isn’t worth the effort

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