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Are you interested in fashion? Assembling outfits together, looking at trends, buying new clothes, ect. If so, you should check out Polyvore! To start using the website you would need to create an account to set up your own profile. This allows you to customize and personalize your daily feed to your own interests and likes. You can follow both people and brands to see the latest trends and styles.

You can use Polyvore to create and put outfits together, with many categories and options to choose from. What’s cool about the website is that you can purchase what you create! This comes in handy to prevent buying unnecessary clothes just because it was “cute”. I have created a test example (shown below) to explain the whole process:


Using Polyvore is super simple and easy to use. To create a new outfit, you would hover over “create” then a drop 2015-11-23_14-3-21down of set, collection, and template would appear (shown left). A set is a what I have started above, basically one outfit you put together. A collection would be you grouping sets that you have created to make a “collection.” A template is a guideline you can make to follow for your next creation. You start out with a blank canvas, you can can create any outfit you want choosing from the different categories shown above. There are also embellishments you can add to help set the moon/theme of your creation. While choosing which items to pick, you can narrow down the results by color, price, and/or using the search bar.

But wait, there’s more; you can also create room ideas! While you are in create mode, next to the “fashion” tab is a “home” tab. Basically the same concept of creating outfits but with home interior instead. (shown below)

2015-11-24_13-59-52 Not in a creative mood, really not interested in putting outfits together, but you still love fashion? Thats O K ! You can still use the website to see the latest trends, other users creations, or shop till you’re satisfied! Shown below are the things you can do using the website. (shown below is the task bar)


My feed shows creations, likes, and items from people you follow.


Trending shows whats trending right now. It includes what to wear, get the look, and more! There are also contests you can enter by creating an outfit with overall good presentation and fits the category!



Outfits let you explore others creations. You can control what you want to see by date, category, style, color, and celebrity!


Clothing, Dresses, Shoes, Accessories, Beauty, Home, and Sale lets you browse through everything that is available to purchase. Below are visuals of things you are expected to see in each category.

2015-12-01_13-29-43 2015-12-01_13-39-01









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