View Point is a Waste of Time!

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Opinion:  A View Point on View Points.

View Point is a small group which includes students and teachers. They  meet in class every Tuesday for 30 minutes to discuss problems and troubles students have and try to solve them.  Some students believe its a good thing, but many students don’t think we should have View Points every Tuesday.

When we first heard about View Points at the beginning of this school year, we thought it would be a good experience.  It turned out to be a waste of  time.

In our work day, after two-week of doing View Points our “home room teacher” ran out of interesting things to talk about.  Most of the time we just talk about different things that occur to the group. I think instead of doing this every Tuesday, we should probably do this once a month.  Maybe it will be more interesting.

Why do you we think this is a waste of time? Well, people who only have two classes everyday have to go to their job and be on time.  But on Tuesday it is impossible to be on time because our classes finish at 11:30. We think that is not fair to get out of classes at that time. because of View Points.

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  1. well, may interesting to meet new people in viewpoin but i really can;t say if is good or bad because i only have the last two period class so i never attend to it ..

  2. of view point I like the idea of get to know other people more. but also I dont like to be there sitting doing nothing, i would like to doing something in class or finishing my work.

  3. I think ViewPoint is a great progrem for either students or teachers. Students can find solution or share their problem with their group, and teachers can understand students better what or how things affect students in different ways. Also true that some students are not willing to join, but they show respect.

  4. I agree, Viewpoint can be a waste of time to some student because of their jobs. On the other hand is more like a relief from the routine of every day. I think they should take the time from the classes and not from us.

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