Working and High School Balance

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Michael is very tired
Michael is very tired (Photo credit: Michael_a)



How are students affected when they work while going to high school.


Many students drop out of school for the following reasons:


First of all, working after school makes students tired.  When they get to school, they sleep in class, they get  frustrated, they lack concentration, and easily get off track.


Secondly, when students fall behind in their classwork it is hard for them to catch up because they so much time working and don’t have time for homework.


In conclusion, going to high school and working at the same time affect students.  We think students should only work during the weekend so that they can have enough time to study.





  1. I think it is hard to work and go to school at the same time. I remember the first year in the U.S, I have to help my family; therefor, I found a job. I was working in a Giant store. I worked 35 hours per week. I worked everyday after school from 4 mp to 10 pm. when I got home form work, I don’t have any energy for my home work.

  2. If you make an effort to do well in school and work at same time, it is possible for you to do well in school.

  3. I’m absolutely agree with this article but what i dont like is the last sentense.. students work because they neeed to, especially those soport their self and other, so everybody need to work…

  4. I’m agree, with this article because this happend to me everyday i have to work everynigth, and the next day i have to wake up so early to go to the school, i glad that i dont have homework.

  5. I know that work and go to school at the same time is very hard, But I do not agree with the last sentence. We work because we need money no to have fun, so if you need money you have to work everyday!!

  6. I’m agree, with this article because somerimes this happend to me and i know how hard is to work all night and go to school next day. I’m sldo glad that my school doesn’t give us homework.

  7. I honestly agree! I just wish we get pay just coming to school, I wouldnt miss a day if that was the case 🙂

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