Cold War Propaganda.



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1947 to 1991 was a very turbulent time in U.S  and global history; it was a time of fear and immense nationalism around the world. The  Global superpowers of the Soviet Union and the United States were in a race to become more technologically advanced than each other. For forty four years the race was on, both in space and in war technologies. People feared a global war due to both the United States and the USSR building up their arsenals or stockpiles of nuclear weapons at a frighteningly rapid pace. It would come to be called M.A.D. or Mutually Assured Destruction.  In poorer countries seeking independence there was a struggle for control and influence from the western N.A.T.O. alliance or the Soviet Warsaw Pact.   The Cold War ended because of the strength of market economics and the inability of the Soviet Union to stimulate its communist economy in the absence of free market trade.

Propaganda was a prominent tool used to influence peoples views during this time.

The bear in the above left photo symbolizes the USSR and its goals of spreading communism around the world using force. The middle picture was made to represent what The United States would be like under the influence of communism. The third image urges people to donate “truth dollars” to the government to fight the spread of communism.