Decisions Make Us Who We Are



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The Giver by Lois Lowry, is a story of a community  that was built from the ashes of The Ruin. It is protected by boundaries where the fury of war, feelings, of fear and pain were unknown by the habitat people. There, all memories from the past were  erased and life was restarted. The only person who knows the past is The Giver, who gives memories of the world before The Ruin and makes choices for the community.

 The main character of the story is Jonas, who lives with his parents and spend all childhood training with Asher and Fiona, his best friends. Throughout experiences together, He feels  and sees the world in a different way from Asher and Fiona. Jonas is more confident about himself  and take tasks seriously. He and his friends are graduating from their childhood at the ceremony of Twelve. They are anxious to get their assigned careers and served in the community. Meanwhile, they enjoy many experiences together learning about community’s willingness to take care of each other and the importance of using precise language

When Jonas starts training, he is away from home and  he feels alone without family and friends. He gained more respect and everyone treat him different in the community. When he met The Giver, peaceful memories were shown to him. After a while, those memories become with strong feelings of fury, war, suffering, and sadness; feelings that shown a different world to Jonas from that one he was raised on. He struggles to go over them and decided to run away.  At the end of the book, Jonas and Gabriel escaped from the community and they go on a journey where they seem lost on a snow freezing day. It ends unknowing their destiny. Either Jonas and Gabriel arrived to another placed or die freezing on the snow.

I agree with Lois Lowry and the message of  the book. At first, it seemed so peaceful, but it was not afterwards. As I read through the story, I found that people were not allowed to make their own decisions; those decisions were made for them, which I do not agree with. I think people have the freedom to make their own choices, and the book tells the reader that decisions are made for you. That is wrong. The story shows that people were not safe and were almost being controlled by a group of elders who hid the true value of life. I believe that having your own freedom of choice is very important to live life. It is what makes us who we are  because our lives depend on that choices we make. However, there are decisions that might need of an experienced point of view.

Cover of "The Giver"
Cover of The Giver