Dictatorship in North Korea



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North Korea and South Korea are different in many ways. North Korea is a communist dictatorship, compared to South Korea which is a democratically elected government. A communist dictatorship is having one leader to whom everyone listens and gives praise. People in North Korea are not allowed free election. The economy there is so bad that a lot of the population stave to death because they do not produce enough food for everyone.  In North Korea, internet, telephone, or any real books are not allowed either- only books The “Dear Leader” Mr. Kim Jong-Un has written. The People in North Korea can not leave North Korea ever, and access from the outside world is closely guarded.  All the people who live there have no clue how it’s like outside of North Korea, they think their leader is God to them. Recently, NASA has used a satellite photo to illustrate how “in the dark” the communist nation was because of their dictatorship. In the photo you can barely tell where North Korea is because it is so dark. The Leader is the only one who chooses if and when the lights should be on. Most of the millions that live there have never known anything else.



I truly feel bad for the North Korean people missing out on the real world.  What kind of person would want to control millions of people’s lives? No phone or internet to actually get the REAL information about the world, No Freedom of religion, No books published by anyone other than the “Dear Leader.” North Korea is like a prison to millions. I wonder how many people know there is a different type of life out there, and how many are completely clueless. I think it’s not right that North and South are completely different but so close. What will it take to put a stop to this horrible way of life for these poor people?