Diplomacy in the Classroom.

Diplomacy in the Classroom.


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What I got to experience talking to my peers in England was amazing. This was a great idea.  The reason why I am saying this is because we got to know more about other people front another country. The way they think and other things was interesting both in the difference but especially in the similarity. I love how we got to touch on the point of discrimination.  It was important to see that  people are being discriminated not just for the color of skin or religions; discrimination can come in a lot of ways.  Some examples that were good to see included migrant students in England. The students from Plymstock were so friendly and nice people. We could actually hold a pretty good conversation and not just getting to know how our daily lives are but the getting to know how we think about several points of view. What this actually taught me is that no matter where in the world you are you will always find a spot to fit in.

If you guys in England see this I would like to see an answer to this question.

What do you think about having the opportunity of having a conversation with other people and seeing different races from all over the world?  What impression did you get talking with our class which is made up of students from Latin America and Asia and Africa?