Donald Trump; loudly going nowhere.



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Trump said ” I don’t worry about anything”. Trump explained if he doesn’t win the elections as a president he will keep on being Trump but even bigger. He talked about how he wants to improve the country, but his actions are showing something different. In June Donald Trump declared that he was running for president in 2016. Donald has used the freedom of speech on another level. It shows us in America that money and media really do give citizens more power.  Trump called illegal immigrants rapists and murders. The Trump campaign may be a win-win for Trump, but it is a monstrous dilemma for a lot of other people. On the other hand other people see this story of Trump as an entertainment for the reasons that Trump had been saying.Trump

My opinion about Donald Trump is that he would not get to run the White House. He can have billions of dollars and that’s the only thing that made him look good. But yet, Trump is forgetting that we are in America, people have their freedom. He is forgetting that he needs to follow equal rights for all the people who live in this country. Trump thinks that the color of skin or the language they speak defines a person’s life. “NO” this doesn’t define who I am. He is completely wrong about his way of thinking. He is a white man with power and he is being racist to others.

Because of his way we are not going to think that all white people are the same. We have our rights too Donald Trump.