Freedom on the Pitch


In life you will get knocked down but that is part of the reward of freedom you get for pursing your own goals.

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The sense of relief and freedom you automatically receive when stepping onto the pitch, is a feeling you won’t ever like to lose. The difference between myself and others is that this is something I can’t see myself without. Life without soccer would be a living hell. The happiness that fills my entire mind when I am working towards my goal is one I don’t think I’ll ever feel towards anything else. Life isn’t always filled with rainbows and joy, especially being removed from a high quality team due to your own actions. During a time when you feel like your life is limited you need to think about the bigger picture. Things would be easier to handle, as well as you making progress to make it to where you need to be. Life isn’t fair, or always perfect. Everyone should always think of a bigger picture and seek to exceed whatever it is they love to do in their lives, not only dealing with soccer. Making the best decisions is not always the easiest, especially when you are around people who aren’t driven to succeed as you are. Think before you act, as if the decision would benefit you later on or not. Myself as someone who can’t live without the lovely sport, must make sure I work harder than anyone who is on my team and give my 110% each training session, as well as on game days. Long term goals are just as great as short term goals. I believe you can do anything in life, no matter what situation you are in and can always come out on top; in the end it is your choice if you pursue your dreams. My message is really for those who really want success, and are going to get it no matter what hardships come your way.