Guest speaker in government class.



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On Friday we had a guest speaker come to our class to talk about Human Trafficking. Mr. Harrington was employed at ICE, (Immigration and Customs Enforcement.) He worked in the Human Trafficking part of the department. Its really cool how we got someone that has actually worked for the Government and has been in real life cases about Human Trafficking. I’m glad i had the opportunity to have someone with personal experience to come to the class and talk bout Human Trafficking. Mr. Harrington stated that ICE was only aware of 20% of the Human Trafficking crimes that were going on. On Wednesday 3-16-2016 it was National Human Trafficking day. If you would like to learn more About human trafficking or ICE here is a link to the company ICE.

This week was Human Trafficking Awareness week.  Here is a video of some of the images of Human Trafficking victims worldwide.


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