Jacked by Carrie Mac

Jacked by Carrie Mac


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In this book, there are a lot of things to consider. Although it’s obviously about a carjacking, there are a lot of things linked on to why the masked man did what he did. My Impression on the book or at least the beginning in my opinion was very calm, and interesting. The main character is Zane; also some of the other fascinating characters were Dorkus Robotics the Overnight cashier at the gas station they worked at, Kozlov, the manager of the gas station, and last but not least Carlyle Dennison. I believe that people should take more precaution because this story has a message saying that there are crazy people everywhere and anything could happen while we are anywhere, whether it is a gas station, work, home etc.

The book “Jacked” has a lot of interesting affects to it. Some decisions or actions Zane took were extraordinary, also very risky. In the book it explains how Zane got Carjacked at his job. This is one thing that intrigued me because at first almost everyone is paranoid, scared, and emotional. Carlyle Dennison, the carjacker, took Zane for a wild ride for about 40 minutes down the high way to a destination where Zane would have never thought. Zane, about 20 minutes down the road became very comfortable with Carlyle, which is very weird. This action of affected him, also his loved ones around him, but it turned out as he planned it to.

The overall message in this book was to be very precautious when alone or even on a normal day. Anything could happen in the matter of minutes. The theme song would be, to be careful and always be aware of your surroundings. Obviously Zane wasn’t but he dealt with the situation how a smart person would.