Local history field trip



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On Monday November 30th, my class took a walking trip to a local historic site, Mount Gilead.

It was a rainy and cold day when we went, but that did not stop us. We encountered a dug up historical site which outlined the perimeter of a bar near Mount Gilead.  We also looked inside a 1930s Sears catalog house from the New Deal.

Once we got inside the house of Mount Gilead which is now maintained by a GMU professor, we got to learn about the history of the house and its past inhabitants. We took a tour of the house as the professor elaborated on certain details of the past. The last room we got to tour was the office which was a 1950s addition. I remember this room because it had cherry wood that was lacquered to make it look nicer than it actually was. This was a pretty fun and informative experience and I am glad I got the chance to visit Mount Gilead. If you want to experience a little of Centreville’s history firsthand, you should plan to visit Mount Gilead for yourself.

For more information on Mount Gilead visit this link below: