Man Hunt; Guns and Mental Health in America

Man Hunt; Guns and Mental Health in America


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Northeastern Pennsylvania police are looking for a man they say shot and killed a state trooper and wounded another state trooper in the process. The man’s name is Eric Frien of Canadensis Pennsylvania. He is believed to be a heavily armed man and they are warning the public to be on a look out for him. Pennsylvania police are on their sixth day of searching for Frien and still have not found him. He expressed and made statements of wanting to kill police and commit mass acts of murder.

This article involves a few different core democratic values , the first one is property.  I say that because I believe he is mentally ill and I don’t think he should have access to any weapons. No one should be allowed to have guns the way we do in America.  I think we need to look very closely at the 2nd amendment because even police misuse guns. The way for this current type of problem to be resolved is for the government to monitor mental illness more closely and become more strict on gun ownership.  We should not  let anyone with a mental illness have any weapons period because they are so unpredictable. Another obvious core value is life, no one should be able to take another persons life no matter what the circumstance is because every one is able to talk and work things out in other ways other than killing.

In this situation I would make sure that when they find him they arrest him and make him get help for his mental illness because I’m 100% sure that he really does have a mental illness. No one in their right mind would just wake up one morning and say I’m going out to kill people today.