Philadelphia Pennsylvania



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The founding fathers met at Philadelphia Pennsylvania in 1787 to write the constitution. Pennsylvania was a good place because of the location, which is in the middle of new england and the south. They could meet there and do business which was good for everyone. This makes it the first capitol because they elected the congress there and they wrote the constitution. The middle colonies were where everything happend because it was a place where everyone could go and it was close to centers of trade on the rivers.

Why would other cities like New York and Washington DC be chosen as a capitol city?  Do you think Washington D.C. makes a good location for a our nation’s Capitol?  Why?

Both Washington D.c. and Philadelphia are centrally located; roads can lead to it, also population lives near it. Also the goverment is there so it would make sense since they wrote the constitution in PA. It would be a good location because its in between the north and south so its easy for everyone to meet there.