Sharing our thoughts with Plymstock.



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Today  12/2/15 we shared a lot of our thoughts with the students from Plymstock, England.  It was our second video meeting  with the “Face to Faith” program started by Tony Blair. We talked about things that are happening around the world. These are students that live in England.  Since terrorist attacks were recently happening in Europe they do have a different point of view. We asked them if they feel secure with the government or if they could do something to avoid things that are happening around the world. They believe that the government is the only one whom can do something about the country’s security and stopping terrorism.

I don’t believe that is true.  Why should we as a community have the right to speak out? The government needs to hear our voices but if we don’t raise our voice it will never be heard. If I was in England as a student I would be scared living so close to France. Isis is a big issue in Europe. Here in the United States as well ISIS has said that they will act in some cities and states and here and this is scary for us.

With things happening in Syria how is this is affecting our English friends?

Is this affecting people who immigrate to the UK?

I hope to hear from you in the comments.