The Evolution of BMX



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BMX (bicycle motocross) has been changing ever-since it was created. There is so many different styles of BMX to date; many riders ride street, vert, dirt, and freestyle. The riders are so diverse along with their culture of people from around the world. Riders tend to get sponsored at a younger age nowadays then in the 80’s and so on. Kids now get sponsored at around 13-17 years old. They ride for the team they originally got sponsored from and gain new sponsors.  They get to travel all over the world to see new places, ride new spots, from going to tournaments and just having a good time.

From just riding with friends, BMX has developed to a huge sport worldwide. One of the biggest events along with other sports is X Games. BMX is HUGE in the X Games. Vans is also one of the biggest BMX brands along with skating brands out to date. They have some of the best riders on their team. BMX is always going to keep evolving, especially with how riders keep pushing themselves farther and farther every time they ride. I don’t ride hoping I’ll be sponsored, i ride because i enjoy it, it makes me feel good.

There is no way of describing the feeling you get when you ride. When you’re flying through the air, almost feeling like you’re floating. That feeling that it’s just you and the earth. You become one with your bike, nothing else matters but this moment. I live for that feeling, nothing in life can make you feel the same way. BMX is one of the best sports you can do, it keeps you very healthy and in shape. BMX has gone from a few people doing it, to people doing it all over the world, and it will continue to grow and become bigger as a sport.