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Harry Main

Harry Main

Today’s pros are constantly pushing and pushing to go farther than anyone else in the sport of Bmx. Harry Main is a U.K rider who was born in the British Isles. He started to ride at a young age and became one of the top riders. He now owns his own clothing line and is sponsored by the top brands in Bmx, such as Vans, Snafu and Cult. He created a new type of Flair, which is a flip with a 360 in it, but instead of a normal flair, he lands in a fakie (when u land backwards and have to 180 out of it). This is just an example of coming up with new tricks that evolve the world of Bmx.


Ty Morrow

Ty Morrow is professional BMX rider from Florida who has gained a die hard fan base through a few Federal Bikes web videos featuring him destroying poor spots in Europe. These unsuspecting gaps and ledges and stair sets were just proud little obstacles until Ty got his bike on them. Now these poor spots will forever lie in BMX history as “dominated” or “owned”. Seriously, Ty Morrow has more pop in everything he does than any other rider out there. He hops higher than you. He also does any other trick, bar spins and whips, higher than you. He rides for Federal Bikes, Vans Shoes, and Staff BMX.

Dakota Roche, aka Dak, is a Huntington Beach, CA native – born and raised with no intentions of leaving. From his earliest days, Dak has always been into the beach scene as well as skating.

Dakota Roche

Dakota Roche

Around the age of 10 Dak found a new passion with a BMX bike and some local trails. Fast forward 15 years and you can find Dak on the cover of TransWorld’s Ride BMX.

Once you become a pro, it becomes your lifestyle, you live it everyday and that’s what you live for. You have to love what you do to stick with it, but it has happened where people become pro and do not want to stay pro anymore. In my opinion though, if you become pro, why would you wanna quit. You would make so much money doin something so fun!!