The Missing Student, Hannah Graham.

The Missing Student, Hannah Graham.


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Missing on Route 29: Five women have gone missing in and around Charlottesville, Virginia, just a few minutes' drive from the same highway in the last five years. The body of just one has been found so far


A 18-year-old University of Virginia student Hannah Graham, who is from Alexandria, disappeared in earlier Saturday morning on September 13,2014  in Charlottesville, Virginia. Police pulled local business receipts and the videos from different buildings, and hope these clues will help them figure out what happened to this young woman. FBI is also involved in the search. According to the surveillance video, Graham left her apartment to a party at 9:30 on Friday night, September 12, 2014. Around 11:00 P.M., Graham left a group of friends and left alone. One of the surveillance videos showed that Graham had appeared outside of a  McGrady Irish Pub alone at 12:46 A.M on September 13,2014. Then, around 1 P.M., Graham texted a friend saying that she was “Lost” . When Graham’s friends had not heard from her since Sunday, September 14, 2014, they called to the police. Police, FBI, and volunteers are continuing searching for Graham, and so far nothing found.  There are four young women disappeared in the same area over the last five years. Many people are concerned about the safety of the girls.

The government is spending manpower and material resources to continue to look for Graham because her life is valuable. Life is a core democratic value.  Plus, people give the power to the government to protect people.  During American History, Benjamin Franklin was saying that “Those who give up liberty for safety deserve neither.” Many people feel that the surveillance video in public place is invading people’s civil liberties. Some people think that the surveillance video can not protect us because the crime is never stopped by this. When crimes are still happening, people  don’t want to give up their freedom to feel “safe”. On the other hand, other people think that the surveillance video can protect people’s property and prevent crimes. The surveillance video is a good way to find out what was happening. It also can provide facts and clues for police’s investigation and judgement.

I am very concerned about the safety of child or teen. Also, I am so terrified that each time I saw a news report that someone is missing.  I think we all should be aware and we should prevent by knowledge any kidnap or abduction. I have some advice; First at all, we should never accept anything from stranger nor ever go anywhere with a stranger even she/ he makes things sound so interesting. Then, never go out alone at night. If necessary, please ask someone who can come with you. Remember, always let someone who you trust  know where you are and who you are with. Then, if someone follows you or tries to force you into a car, scream and try to run away to a place where more people are around and call the police. Last, if things gets worse, be smart and calm, but not scared.

I hope Hannah Graham will be found soon and alive.


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Official seal of Charlottesville, Virginia
Official seal of Charlottesville, Virginia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)