TRUMP; Do real leaders spread prejudice and fear?

TRUMP; Do real leaders spread prejudice and fear?


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Donald Trump is in the news every day. This recent example shows how pathetic he is while spreading fearful stereotypes about Muslim people in America. Trump said that he doesn’t forget what happened on 9/11 in New Jersey across the river from Manhattan. He says he has a clear memory of “thousands of Muslims” celebrating after the attacks.  The reason why these came out is because Trump believes that President Obama shouldn’t let people from Syria come into the United States and get refuge in New Jersey.  He is so confident in his own point of view and is spreading fearful reaction as he is quoted below.

“I have a very good memory, Chuck. I’ll tell you, I have a very good memory. I saw it somewhere on television many years ago and I never forgot it — and it was on television, too.”

We all have seen video footage from 9/11. We will never forget the past things that are unforgettable. But this doesn’t mean that president Obama can’t help other people. Syria is struggling and they need help; especially the children and elderly. Innocence is dying in the world today.

The world seems so cruel and sometimes the problems seem so big.  We as individual citizens need to speak out in a more peaceful and hopeful way.  We need to seek understanding and not division.  It begins with the small things.  Terrorists are a small group but they were first influenced by their own families and tribes.  We need to be positive in our own small communities and we need to hold our leaders accountable so that fear and ignorance does not spread.  Do you think military action and more violence will stop terrorism?  I don’t think so.

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