United Nations

United Nations


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The United Nations  is a governmental organization established on October 24 1945 to promote international cooperation. A replacement for the League of  Nations, this organization was created following the Second world war to prevent another conflict. When president Franklin D. Roosevelt proposed the UN it had 51 members in it and there are now 193. The UN Headquarters is located in Manhattan, New York while the other offices are located in Geneva, Switzerland, Nairobi, Kenya and Vienna, Austria. As the objective of the UN they maintain a international peace and security, promoting humans rights.


One of the first challenges for The United Nations was the beginning of the Cold war and the Korean conflict.  The United States was a Global power at this time because they possessed atomic and the largest military. Officially the Korean war was declared by the United Nations against communist aggression. The United States military made up most of those UN forces. Unlike after World War I when the United States voted against joining the League Of Nations the American people realized it was a good idea to join the UN to promote global security and peace.

How effective do you think the UN is today?

Its effective because it helps us pay attention to human rights and every nation is equal.

Here is a link to current UN Missions today. Why do you think most on going missions are in Africa and the Middle East?