War Time Propaganda

War Time Propaganda


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During world war 1, American and European soldiers didn’t have enough food to survive during the war. So the American Government posted propaganda for people to save and donate non-perishable items. It states ” we are saving you, you save food, well fed soldiers will win the war”. this means that the government is needing the citizens to salvage food to give more to the soldiers so they can fight the war and win. it wanted people to believe that if they didn’t give food to the troops, they will lose.

Propaganda changed over time from a positive to a negative against the war effort after Vietnam. Propaganda started to go against the war and blame the soldiers for agreeing to fight even though most of them did not agree. Today, propaganda is still used.  Sometimes it is  for better purposes than back then; sometimes its more happy and not so depressing on the war effort.  Propaganda is always an exaggeration of one side versus the other.

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