Women’s Rights


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English: Map of Women's Suffrage laws in vario...
English: Map of Women’s Suffrage laws in various states of the US immediately before passage of the Nineteenth Amendment in 1920 Full suffrage Presidential suffrage Primary suffrage Municipal suffrage School, bond, or tax suffrage Municipal suffrage in some cities Primary suffrage in some cities No suffrage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On Election day in 1920 millions of American women were finally allowed to vote. This took nearly 100 years to make this approval. On August 26th ,the 19th Amendment to the constitution legally stated that women have the right to vote just like men do, now have the responsibility of citizenship. The womens suffrage began way before  the civil war started.

Susana B. Anthony, grew up with a Quaker family that believed in education and that men and women should speak equally and have the same rights.  She believed that it would be the same out in the world which it wasn’t. She was arrested because she went to vote when they were not allowed to do so. At her court day she couldn’t even speak. She met Elizabeth Candy who was a leader who was fighting for the women rights to vote.

I know back in those days it was a hard time but why did all the men think we couldn’t do the same has the men? We can do the same things has men, we even go through more stuff than them. What Susan B. Anthony, went through is  not fair, but without this; women today would still not be able to vote.