Year Up- A New Opportunity


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Representatives from the Year Up Program visited Mountain View and shared about the opportunities they offer applicants who have determination

The program offers lower and middle class students aged 18-24 training and job opportunities.  The rigorous application process contains many interviews, tests, writing assignments, and learning assessments. If you can power through these challenges, you will be able to enter their 6 month training program. Only 120 people are chosen from the applicant pool.

Students from Year Up mentioned that they especially appreciated the special connection between teachers and students. The teachers care about you, and they push you. You mean something and they feel a personal connection.

At the training program, you’ll learn business, communications, IT, and professional skills. Paid training uses a points system. Starting at 200 points, you will lose points, effectively costing you money, based on infractions such as being tardy, not doing work, being unprofessional, etc. If you lose all your points, you will be cut from the program, effectively firing yourself.

Professionalism’s importance is stressed during the training program as preparation. There are dress code requirements, etiquette classes, and even specific handshaking methods you must know. Year Up will even set you up with the certification tests needed, covering all fees, provided you do well on the practice tests. On Fridays, students and teachers gather and offer constructive criticism.

Once you have passed the training, Year Up will set you up with a paid internship at a successful company like JP Morgan or Bank of America based on your skills and interests. If you do well, the company can offer you a fulltime job after your internship ends. People have even negotiated $25 an hour once they started working full time.

Eligible Year Up applicants must be 18-24 years old, have a high school diploma or GED and have a work permit. The average salary for graduates is $30,000 a year after 4 months from graduation. What you get from this program depends on what you put into it. If you have the motivation and the determination, this program could give you the chance you need. Anyone who would like to unlock their full potential and succeed should seriously consider this program