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Local community events are meant to bring people together to boost up their spirits and show support in the community. As an individual, we are aware that most people have a different way of viewing things. Everyone has a right to their own opinion and to stifle them would be a violation of the 1st Amendment.   The only time the 1st amendment should be limited is when others are harmed but this can be hard to prove sometimes. To freely express our views is how we show our individuality and also American patriotism. As a country with many different cultural influences our independent liberty has become embedded in our culture. You can’t have your right without our’s in it too.


The local story above shows how people with a fixed mindset can misinterpret a positive message if they feel left out or even defensive when the overall intent is positive.  It is a person with a growth mindset that is willing to be flexible and see the bigger truth in the picture.


I agree with this statement.  In our democratic society when there is a social problem of injustice we need to make a choice.  Either we are are part of the problem by our inaction and apathy or lack of opinion OR we are part of the solution by treating others in the way that they want to be treated and respecting other peoples morals and views.  Respect can be demonstrated through both direct action as well as indirect attitude towards others.