1. i agree, i think McDonald’s food ain’t good, the only thing i have ate from McDonald’s is an apple pie.

  2. Eventually these giant food corporations will crash and burn once the world wakes up and realizes that McDonald’s is not meant for human consumption.

  3. I never eat McDonald’s, or really any fast food for that matter. McDonald’s is definitely one of the unhealthiest fast food chains in existence. The chicken nuggets there are made with Dimethylpolysiloxane which is used for making silly putty, caulk, and breast implants. Even worse, the chicken nuggets are made by smashing up the entire chicken,(bones, eyes, and guts included) which is then pressed and squeezed out as a pink paste. To get rid of the oddly pink color of the meat, the chicken is then dyed with artificial colors.. How gross.

  4. I agree I also think McDonal’s food i s not that good, and the only thing this food can help you is to get sick or fat. and I think childrens should not eat McDonals and only get the toys from there. 🙂

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