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The Mountain View Mirror is not a traditional school newspaper.  Then again, the New York Times isn’t the New York Times any more.  Like the NYT, the Mountain View Mirror plans to be part straight journalism, but with a mix of blogs sprinkled throughout.

If one reads the Washington Post or any major newspaper online, one finds blogs–reportage written in a personable (sometimes first person) style with opinion freely mixed in with facts.

We won’t allow mis-information to get published to the best of our ability.  We will strive to be accurate, and take our lumps and redact and apologize when we get it wrong (which, like every major news outlet, we will from time to time).

We won’t be writing about our football team or cheer leaders.  We have none.   It’s an alternative to the mainstream student press.  We will talk about us, what’s going on in our school lives and how we are working to make ourselves and the world a better place.

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About Mountain View Mirror