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First impressions are a critical component in this world.  Online first impressions happen first, because everybody Google’s everybody they are going to meet.  Especially if you are applying for a school or job.  They are going to look you up, and see what they see attached to your name online.

Why not build a professional online portfolio around your real name, and keep all the vacation stuff and private social moments to yourself, your close friends and family by putting it under another “fun” screen name?

The Mountain View Mirror is offering “Career Headshots” which are different from “Senior Pictures.

This service is free.

Here’s the link to pick up your Headshot.

Career Headshots

A set by mtviewmirror

These are professional portraits to be used for applications, LinkedIn. Students can download different sized photos. Although it isn’t meant as a replacement for Senior Pictures, an 8×10 can be printed by the student (at Staples for example) and put in a frame for family. Click on photo, choose 3-circle icon, Download / All Sizes.

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Career Headshots