Robbing for Prescription Drug

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On January 10th a robbery happen at the Walgreens on Hoadly Road. At 7:20 p.m. a man walked in and approached the counter and said he had a weapon and demanded Oxycodone. The man took the medication and fled on foot. No injuries were reported. On Jan. 31, detectives working on a narcotics investigation served a search warrant in the 13000 block of Telegraph Road and seized marijuana and prescription pills. At the scene, they found evidence connected to the Walgreens robbery. Detectives issued warrants charged McArthur with robbery and use of a firearm in a felony, but have been unable to find him.

I think its a dumb thing to rob a pharmacy for prescription drugs. That was the most dumbest idea somebody could come up with. I think stores like that should be more secured so people couldn’t easily rob them and take things like that. Or they shouldn’t sell drugs like that at a store like that.

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  1. It was definitely way to easy for him to steal the drugs. The store should have the pharmacy blocked off by a clear bulletproof window where they can help you out and give you your meds through a small window. Addicts wil do anything to get a fix so i think security should not be taken lightly. I know if i worked there i would have been shaken up, my existence is not anything id like to mess with so if i can prevent anything from happening to me i would

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