Zimmerman vs. DMX !!!!

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Seems like the former neighborhood watchman has found yet another way to remain in the public limelight. This time, he’ll be stepping into a boxing ring. Although no contract has been signed, a promoter is negotiating with rapper DMX to fight him. DMX said on TMZ that he wants to beat Zimmerman and that he deserves to get his whooped.  They seem to really be fighting about the prior incident that happened with Trayvon Martin. The money from this is suppose to go to charity. Last week Damon Feldman agreed to fight Zimmerman in a three round pay-per-view fight. The promoter got over 8,000 emails in a hour from celebrities wanting to fight Zimmerman.


I think someone should fight Zimmerman. He should be fighting a professional boxer for what he did to Trayvon Martin. I don’t think it’s right that Zimmerman is doing this for fame. This relates to government because George Zimmerman was charged with murder and was found not guilty for what he did. He’s trying to cash in on that trial.  He is was clearly guilty and someone should step into the ring with someone who can fight.


  1. George Zimmerman is obviously fooling the law. He deserves to be locked away for the rest of his life. What he did was not a game, he took someone’s life. Trayvon Martin’s family will permanently be damaged for losing Trayvon.

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