12 Year old Stabbed 19 Times



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On Saturday, May 31 a bicyclist found a 12 year old girl crawling for her life in a wooded area in  Waukesha, Wisconsin. Authorities say the unidentified minor was just millimeters from her death. The suspects are two 12 year old girls, all friends. The two girls were planning to kill their third “friend” for months. Their original plan was to duct tape her mouth and stab her in her throat, plans later changed to luring the girl to the woods in a game of hide and seek and follow through with the attack. After interviewing both suspects, authorities found their motive. The minors have been looking up to a fictional character named slenderman, a tall, thin, faceless man. One of the suspects said that he is the site leader and in order to climb into his realm, they must kill someone first. Once the horrific news went viral, owner of the website tired to justify the reasoning for his site and kids not knowing the difference between reality and fantasy. 


I’m not too sure how to go about stating my opinion, only because I am completely outraged by this. It is hard for me to believe that two 12 year old girls cant tell the difference between reality and fantasy. Not only that, the owner of this website is pushing their first amendment right, freedom of press. If this website is meant for what he says, for writers to get better, he needs to make it a censored website for people over the age of 18. He should be held accountable for brainwashing these kids, only because, they have no right being on there in the first place!