$13 million lost by robbery using fake credit cards.



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On Sunday, a Japanese newspaper reported a robbery that occurred in Japan causing a loss of $13 million between 5am and 8am. It’s being said that the thieves used 1600 different cards to take out money from 1400 ATM machines all over Japan by going to different 7-11s. All the ATMs involved in the withdrawals are run by Seven Bank across Japan. The credit cards that were used in the robbery were made from information stolen from the South African Standard Bank Group which has no connection with Japan at all.

The bank estimated its total loss at 300 million South African rand ($20 million), and called the heist a “sophisticated, coordinated fraud incident. The way the robbery took place proves that it was planned so nicely as the thieves managed to withdraw $913 with 1400 different transaction over the time period of just 2 hours.

The Seven Bank said that its customers and investors did not lose their money and that the bank did not suffer any financial loss cause of the incident that took place. This is a good thing because if the investors had financial loss, it would have created even more problems and would have made the situation even more complicated.

People should be more careful from now on with their identities and personal information because even though there was no financial loss, but the thieves used fake identities. In order to avoid such robberies in the future, people need to be extra careful about their credit card security.

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