1492 First Landings to North America: Power and History

1492 First Landings to North America: Power and History


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Columbus ‘s first voyage to the Americas brought three Spanish ships to two islands in the Bahamas in 1492. This voyage changed completely the way of world history. After this moment in the Americas, the world would become connected to trade in new global ways. It provided wealth to the powerful colonizers and made life for many native people worse.

This painting was painted  by  the American artist Albert Bierstadt in 1892. This was 400 years after Columbus’ arrival in the North America. We can see in this painting that the artist portrayed the indigenous people as shrouded in darkness. The indigenous worship columbus’s people, who bring  them light and civilization. The truth was that the Europeans brought  diaseases, slavery, and destroyed indigenous cultures.  Civilization is defined by the people in power. They saw themselves as guides to civilization for the natives. It brought some good and bad things, but we only like to talk about the good.

History always depends on who is telling the story.

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