1920’s Harlem Renaissance

1920s Harlem Renaissance


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During the early 1920’s to late 1930’s many new poets, writers, and musicians came out of Harlem. This event was called the Harlem Renaissance. It was fueled by white’s fascination with African American literature, since it was a foreign concept to most white’s at the time. The literature that came out of Harlem was primarily focused on a real portrayal of life in the black community and the everyday struggles they had to face.

The sudden outburst of culture coming out of Harlem wasn’t meant to be a civil rights movement, some people thought the portrayal of accurate day to day life of an African American would push back the movement for equality. I think that it would help the need for equality since now the white community could truly imagine the harsh realities of living in the black community in the 1920’s.


Contrary to popular belief, jazz was not an outcome of the Harlem Renaissance since it was going on in another region. This movement mainly included poetry and writings, yet it had a huge impact in society then and now as well.