1933 National Recovery Association, WE DO OUR PART



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The National Recovery Administration was part of president Franklin D. Roosevelt new deal. It was authorized in June 1933 by the National Industrial Recovery act. Many of Roosevelt’s ideas about government helping the American worker, where easily approved by congress during his 1st year as president. A key element of the N.R.A. was provided the government power to set industry-wide codes intended to eliminate unfair trade practices, reduce unemployment, establish minimum wages and maximum hours, and guarantee the right of labor to bargain collectively. The National Recovery Association was a socialist movement because the National government was excessively controlling the economy in a fast strict way. The supreme court believed it was up to the states and people to regulate that situation instead of allowing the N.R.A. to completely take control over it. It was invalidated by the supreme court which deemed the NRA as “unconstitutional”, in 1935.

The image below was know as the blue eagle poster. This image would be displayed on store windows, packages and adds. Workers and consumers were encouraged by this symbol. Symbolically I believe it stands for our encouragement to become confident that the U.S.A. ‘s economy. The eagle itself is a sigh of our country and in a way it encourages patriotism. The bundle of lightning bolts and machine parts in the other were symbols of government regulation of industrial power. It gave many people hope that America will recover and not only that but become stronger, better, faster because we learn and improve from past our mistakes.

Was this to similar to fascism?  At this same time period Mussolini and Hitler were rising to power as dictators by controling the economy.  Do you agree with the Supreme court’s decision that it gave the government to much control?

The symbol below was used for the Italian Fascists of Mussolini.