1942 David & The Goliath

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This image represent when the U.S first enter war world 2, it shows that the U.S (David) mainly was the only one who really fought against Axis Powers (U.S.S.R, Germany & Japan). Reason for why the Allied Powers (U.S, Italy, France,Great B.) are the rocks is because we use them as weapons, we use their millitary, their supplies, we use their base. On the bottom of the image it says ” Just wait until the little feller grows up” it means that when the U.S (david) enter the war our millitary industery was weaken by the Great Depression as well with our belief in isolation. So the war helped us become a military industrial powers (grows up) so then we ended up beating the Axis Powers(Goliath) and win war world 2 in 1945.


Revelation and Apocalyptic Imagery