2014 World Cup in BRAZIL

2014 World Cup in BRAZIL


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The 2014 world cup officially started on Thursday June 12th in Brazil.  Before the first game took place they had a opening ceremony where hundreds of professional dancers with colorful clothing, and costumes performed in the middle of the field taking great pride and representing their country’s nature and beauty. The tournament has a total of 64 games. The top 32 nations will be battling  to take the gold back home and will have the privilege to represent their nation.

While the majority of the Brazilians welcomed tourists, there were a few people that took the opportunity of having the center of attention around the world to protest about the nation’s problems, and the expanse of hosting the tournament. Police immediately took control of the situation and even used tear gas to break up the crowd that was demanding a higher pay increase and a world cup bonus. Besides the minor incidents, the opening match still took place and everything went as planned.  Brazil took an W on a win from behind against Croatia 3-1.



Many Brazilians are unhappy with the way Brazil is handling their money, spending around 8 billion dollars on a soccer tournament rather than on things the nation needs such as schools, hospitals and public places to better the country’s living condition. I would have to agree with the citizens of Brazil that are protesting about this because of the fact that their spending $855 million on just security sounds absurd to me.

In comparison, South Africa only spent $175 million on security hosting the world cup four years ago. Hopefully Brazil wins the tournament because  that would be the only thing that would make it worth the price tag to many Brazilian citizens.  Hopefully Brazil can actually make some money for its own benefit as a nation.


FIFA World Cup 2014 logo.
FIFA World Cup 2014 logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)