2016 Summer Olympics; Is Rio Ready?


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Brazilians are excited about 2016 summer Olympic Games however, they have serious problems in their country with both the environment and the government.  Some people doubt if Rio de Janeiro  will be able to clean all of that mess from their water. They are worrying about Olympic Games because it was very huge commitment to take.  The government can either be empowered by Olympic success or embarrassed by Olympic failure on a global scale. The zika virus, a kind of mosquito that affects pregnancy, is a major problem for Brazil. Another big problem continues to be polluted water. It was very difficult for all the athletes to compete in the that kind of water. They might got sick before the games are over.  It was not safe for anyone to go there because of all the things that are happening in Brazil.

Brazil is expecting about 500,000 people to come during the summer Olympics and they have had a very difficult time to get all of the work done in order to be prepared. There will be 42 sports competitions. They are expecting about 10,500 international athletes from more than 150 countries that will come to the Olympics Games.

On a more hopeful note- for the first time in Olympic history, there would be a group of refugees who would come to team up.

It is very challenging for the host city to lead up to an Olympics and the Games often wind up transcending sports.

Here is some background of the Olympic Games “Olympic Moments That Made History.

There are a lot of scientists who said “the Olympics in Beijing, China, were the most polluted in history because of the country’s high smog levels.” They are worried about the people who are coming to watch the game.

Unfortunately Brazil is also facing a crisis in its politics.  The government is falling apart.

“The Olympic Games are the last thing on everybody’s mind right now,” says Sérgio Praça, a Brazilian political scientist. “This was supposed to be a great year for Brazil and Rio, but it’s been anything but that.”

I believe this will be very hard for Brazil to be ready in time for the 2016 Summer Olympic Game because they have a lot of problems to deal with. They do not have enough time to be ready for it and this kind of work needs a lot of time and takes good organization and government cooperation.  The countdown continues and so does the uncertainty?  Do you think they will be ready?

Will Rio Be Ready?

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