2018 World Cup



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The 2018 FIFA World Cup will be the 21st in the history of football(soccer). The tournament is played by men’s national teams., 32 countries are involve to play the tournament.  The tournament will be held in Russia for first time in its history.  This is interesting because Russia is a proud country that is both in Europe and Asia.

The World Cup is played every four years and the next one to come is on 2022.

Football is the number one sport around the world, so millions of people around the world watch the tournament. It is really beautiful to see people from around the world come together and share the same passion of football. The World Cup is really popular, because the best country with the best players will be in the same place at once.  Overall the competition is good for world unity.

I myself would love to go but unfortunately, I will need a lot of money which I don’t have. Tickets are expensive for foreign fans, the cost of a ticket is $100 or more depending on which teams are playing.

The World Cup is going to start on June 14, 2018.  Russia and Saudi Arabia will play the first match. The tournament will last 32 days, will end in July 15 which is the last match that will decide the winner.

Did you know the United States did not qualify for the World Cup! This is one of the biggest surprises since the United States is a big country and has some of the better players than the rest of the countries in the North America.

Did your country qualify for the world cup? Who are you cheering for?