3 sentenced to prison in 2011 slaying of black man in Mississippi



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Three young white men who admitted they were out hunting black people to attack when they beat, ran over and killed a 47-year-old car plant worker in Mississippi’s capital city were sentenced Tuesday to federal prison following a hate crimes investigation.The three men embarked on a campaign to attack black people in the Jackson area that began in the spring of 2011, prosecutors said. With the spree of beatings and attacks,they picked victims they thought were homeless or drunk, to decrease the risk of the attacks being reported which caused the death of James Craig Anderson who was run over with a truck in the morning hours of June 26, the government said.

Deryl Paul Dedmon was given the longest sentence of 50 years in prison, the U.S. Department of Justice said. John Aaron Rice was sentenced to 220 months, or more than 18 years, and Dylan Wade Butler was hit with a prison term of 7 years, according to officials.The three pleaded guilty in March 2012 to one count of conspiracy and one count of committing a hate crime. Dedmon pleaded guilty to two state charges in 2012 and received life sentences on each.The judge said Dedmon’s federal sentence will run concurrent with his state sentence.The defendants stereotyped African-American people as vulnerable for heinous and violent assualts.

These 3 men deserve the death penalty. Nothing less. They killed a hard working, innocent, good American because of his color.These boys went to find a man to kill. They found a African American as they were looking for. Now they will become men overnight. These boys were taught to hate from someone and now their life is destroyed because of what they were taught. Also, there is hurt for Anderson’s sister and other family member, these kids parents and friends.Let’s not teach our children to hate because it can cost them their life.