4 Syrian Chemical Weapon Facilities That Are Not Disclosed

4 Syrian Chemical Weapon Facilities That Are Not Disclosed


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Syria has four chemical weapon facilities that haven’t been disclosed with the United Nations. A western Diplomat said that Sigrid Kaag, UN envoy was overseeing the destruction of Syrian stockpiles. According to the source, 3/4 of the sites are research and development and 1/4 is a producation facility. For some odd reason, Syria disclosed this information during meetings between Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons and Syrian officials. Later that month UN security council required Syria to get rid of chemical weapons arsenal and President Bashar al-Assad agreed. Later that month Syria began to dismantle its chemical weapons program. 600-metric tons of chemical weapons were transported to a U.S. ship to be destroyed, but we are not sure if that’s all of their chemical weapon stockpile. Syria also has been witnessed to have set out Chlorine gas attacks by helicopter and it was Syria doing this because only the Syrian regime has this.

The UN deals with international problems and are responsible for our safety, so I think they should get involved in these problems, they did a good job getting involved in the nuclear weapons situation but they need to address these chlorine gas attacks better. UN stands for United Nations, so countries come together and pool their resources, they have a military but it relies on the commitment of military resources by member countries.  I feel like the US is helping the UN in many ways. The US gives them aid, supplies, and also gives them people to fight for the UN. I think the US is to involved in some areas and that’s why some countries don’t like us, but  we do a good job for our safety and others, so it does not matter if we’re a little to involved. The UN is very helpful in different issues and I feel they are justified in what they do.

So far I think the UN addressed this in a good way but they must follow through. They acted calm about it, without any threats but were very stern on what Syria should do. This makes me question what Syria is doing behind closed doors. They could have so much chemical weapons that we don’t even know about. With everything going on with ISIS in Syria this scares me. Ecspecially because this ISIS group has a big population and it is growing bigger and bigger. The UN should really do something about this ISIS group. Also the UN should do something about the Chlorine gas attacks done by Syria. Syria really isn’t a good place in this time and age. There is many things going on wrong in Syria and many threats to Americans from groups in Syria that are being adressed, but i feel like there are some things behind closed doors that are very threatful to our society that we should look out for.