5 Years Probation for a Rape Case

5 Years Probation for a Rape Case


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In 2011 twenty year old Sir Young, had cases filed against him. He was charged with a rape on a fourteen year old girl in her high school. Texas Judge, Jeanine Howard, sentenced Young to 45 days in jail, five years of probation and 250 hours of community serivce at the rape crisis center. This drew a lot of critism and dibelief toward Judge Howard. Howard later explained that the victim “wasnt the victim she claimed to be” implying that the victim was being promiscuous.

Later the center said that Young was not welcomed to their center because it would be a trigger affect for the centers clients. Young told local police that the victim was allowing them to have sex just not on school campus. Young claims that being on school grounds is the only wrong doing he did. His attorney says that the ruling was fair and appropriate agreeing with Judge Howard that Young is “not your typical sex offender”. The victim is completely devestated by the ruling and feels betrayed by the judge. Young is now serving his 45 day sentence and if he compiles with the terms of his probation, he won’t have a conviction on his record.

Regardless of if they were close to age or not, it was still rape. She agreed to it but not on school campus, which Young blantantly ignored and continued to try to persue her. No is no and Young still tried against her wishes. This punishment is a joke. How are other victims of such crimes going to feel comfortable coming forward and reporting a crime if there are no serious repercussions. I do feel it is appropriate for another judge to have this case and override Judge Howard terrible judgment and assign more severe punishments.