826 notes of pure love



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Garth Callaghan was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2011, prostate cancer in 2012 and a new condition of kidney cancer this past October. He claims he’s healthy today but statistically he has “about a 10% five-year survival rate.” His daughter, 14-year-old Emma Claire Callaghan, gets a small but meaningful reminder of her fathers love everyday at lunchtime. Callaghan has been writing Emma little napkin notes for years, which started when she was in third grade. But last november he challenged himself to write 826 notes for his daughter, one for everyday until she graduates from high school.


This is so inspiring. He is such a great role model for fathers everywhere. He loves her so much and wants his daughter to be a strong, positive, self-confident woman. Boosting her self-esteem while reminding her everyday that she is loved by her father is so powerful. This is definitely going to make an impact on her future. I can see her becoming very bright and successful. She’ll know that even once her father passes on, she’ll always have his memories and his legacy will forever live in her heart.