9/11/01; A Global Turning Point



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September 11th, 2001 was the day al-Qaeda( an Islamic terrorist group) planned four series of coordinated suicide attacks by civilian jetliner on United States soil. 18 designated passengers who were mostly or Saudi Arabian descent divided among four separate planes that all departed from the east coast heading to California on the morning of September 11th 2001.  They were all on one mission; fly the planes on a one way trip into specifically targeted buildings.  Two planes flew directly into each of the towers of the World Trade center- an attack on the American global economy.  One plane targeted the American military headquarters and flew at full speed into the western side of the Pentagon, leaving the partial collapse of its western side and penetration of most of its 5 layers. Another plane was set in motion to hit Washington DC but ended up missing its target because of the heroism and quick action of its passengers.  After hearing from loved ones on the ground what was happening a group of passengers rammed the locked cockpit which resulted in a catastrophic crash into a field near Shanksville, PA.

9/11 was the most traumatizing terrorist attack that has happened to the US. Nearly three thousand people died from the attacks and thousands were left injured.  President Bush’s decisions to go to war on Terrorism was the right choice. What al-Qaeda did was unforgivable for most and it justified military action. Because of this attack many countries strengthened their anti-terrorism legislation and expanded their law enforcement to contain and prevent attacks like 9/11. The world learned from what happened to the US and realized that terrorism is a real threat globally. Ten years after the attack in 2011 hours  before his address to the nation President Obama ordered the secret assassination of Bin Laden( leader of al-Qaeda) who was hiding in Pakistan.

The successful attack on the Bin Laden compound resulted in successful completion of a mission initiated by President Bush.  American special forces neutralized a huge threat to United States and the Western world. Was this secret attack on foreign soil justified? Yes because Bin Laden was a threat to more than just the US. Now that al-Qaeda is out of the picture we continue to have other terrorist organizations to contain.  The current crisis centers around ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

Memorial of the world trade center
Memorial of the world trade center